Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have a confession....

yes, as many of my online friends have been telling me, I do indeed have a plate addiction. I can't help myself and no, I am not interested in an intervention. I just want to get it off my chest & show you what I've done now! :)

I redid my dining table for spring. It is now set with the Lenox Butteryfly Meadows plates I snagged at a real bargain (the box was marked $22 & they were 75% off... but there were supposed to be $22 EACH, not per box!) and look at those gorgeous not green/not blue just right placemats. Found those this weekend at the local dollar store! These are not my normal colors for dining room, but just a little of it for spring looks okay, huh? :)

There are about 40 other things I could be doing today, including folding the mass of clothes piled on the freezer, but this was so much more fun!

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Tina said...

Very Spring-y!! love those plates!!