Monday, March 24, 2008

Bellatoria Swap

You know, this Bellatoria Queen's Tea Swap has me really bummed and depressed and sad. Why??? Because *I* have the best swap partner in the entire world, and everyone else had to make do without her!!!! I cannot believe all the goodies she has sent me, and it will take me days to post them all.

I want to start with another photo of what I sent her, and it doesn't begin to compare to the generosity and thoughtfulness of my two boxes of goodies! Thanks, thanks, thanks, I-can't-say-it-enough-thanks, Sylvia!

The whole shebang that I sent to Sylvia -- a vintage crocheted doily (in pink), embroidered antique dresser set with lots of pink, Limoges demitasse cup & saucer with tiny blue flowers, blue crackle plate/tray, antique porcelain wall piece, bird collage on a blue fan, and framed art work shown previously. Pink & blue are her favorite colors, and if you knew me during the house remodel which I termed "The Great De-Pinking" you know they're not my faves! It was fun to find them for her, though!

Locket with detail of the handsome gent in the art piece and another vintage crocheted lace doily.

Feel better, Sylvia....... and hope you're enjoying your goodies half as much as I am mine! Oh, and here's a sneak peak at my treasures. Details on what I did with them and better photos are on the way!

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