Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Un-Birthday to ME!!!!!

Wow -- what a box of goodies I got from my Not So Secret Pal on Friday! My fwend Tina sent me so many pretties, it's hard to pick a favorite. I love the banner with my name on it (yes, I know it says ANN, not Lizbeth, but that's because I'm Ann in real life.... shhhhhhhh). I had seen it on her blog & claimed it, not realizing at the time that her neighbor is also named Ann, and she could have meant it for her! Oooooops. Oh well, it's mine now!

These shots show just a sampling of the other neat stuff in the box. She is really inspiring me to create with all the "altered" stuff and to collect with the Christmas ornaments. So yes, I guess you could say that Tina is a big ole' enabler! THANK GOODNESS!

I got a call from a great new customer who wanted to bring her sister-in-law to shop with us today (Sunday) if it wasn't too much trouble. It wasn't. I went down & opened up for them, rearranged to move the sold things from yesterday, and as they shopped, they asked if there were any good local pottery places.

I said, "yep." and called up my friend who just opened one last summer & she said she'd be glad to open up for them today, too. I told her we'd call when we were on our way and after they finished shopping led them to her place.

And dontcha know I had to buy something too!?? HA! I hardly ever get to go shopping, and I found these two great pieces with creamy white, brown & just the right "not blue, not green" color for my bathroom. I think they look mahhhhhhvelous!


Tina said...

Glad your UNbirthday prezzies hit the 'spot'!!!

Lizbeth King - Persimmon Possum Designs said...

They are terrific! I've already used the stencils to make something for a swap I sent out yesterday. Will try to get that posted soon! :)