Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter flowers

It's quite chilly here today & I'm still recovering from a migraine, but had to take some photos of the beautiful flowers that are blooming on this miraculous day. The first is an iris that I transplanted two years ago. No blooms from it last year, but it is the first iris to bloom this year. Don't you love that bright canary yellow color?

I was just reading the blog of the talented Mississippi porcelain artist Penny Sanford and she has a "thing" for yellow tupperware. I'm betting when she sees this iris, she's going to want wish her yellow tupperware was half so vibrant! :) Hi, Penny!!

Next is an heirloom plant that belonged to my great-grandmother (b. 1897). I have seen these "flowering almonds" quite a bit larger than mine & the horticulturists say it can reach 4 to 5 feet wide and 3 to 4 feet tall. They also mention the "fruit" although I've never seen any of that. This plant has been rooted from one of her originals and moved no telling how many times. The botanical name is Prunus glandulosa. I always like knowing the correct botanical names of plants, even if they do (like this one) sound like a surgical procedure to one's lymphatic system.

"What's wrong with me doc?"
"Oh, it's nothing really! We just need to do a little pruning of your glands... a simple prunus glandulosa and you'll be good as new!"


Tina said...

Wonderful photos, and you are just a overflowing well full of information ;)

Penny said...

Love your flowering almond! Ours is blooming. I should also take a picture. Ours is slow to grow, but oh, so worth it!

Glad to see you are now blogging. I'll be reading!


Lizbeth King - Persimmon Possum Designs said...

Thanks for the comment! I am honored that you've added me to your links of uplifting blogs. I tried to be uplifting today!