Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daylilies in the ground

.... and I timed it perfectly just before a nice, gentle rain. I got a photo before I planted to show the SIZE of these things. When I've bought daylilies before, one fan meant one plant. With Funderburk's it meant a huge clump!

Aren't they gorgeous just sitting there? Kathi from Funderburk's recommended that I cut them back to about 8 inches high after planting because being dug would stress them and that would let their growth go toward blooming. I'm sure with so many big clumps I'll have enough to share from these varities before long. Anyone want to line up now? :)

The varities I just put out are: 2 Yazoo Frances Heart, 6 Pandora's Box (on sale for just $1 each, and a steal!) 2 Strawberry Candy (the biggest clumps -- one with 5 plants in it!!), 3 Fairy Tale Pink, 3 Dewey Roquemore (also gigantic clumps I ended up splitting!), and 2 Pardon Me. I promise photos as soon as they bloom.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Who else was sick of my bottle tree?

Which is what my friend Pat said to me today that finally got me off my duff to find something new to post. She was the third person in a couple of days to tell me I needed something new up, but no one else had quite her "eloquence"!

I guess I have allowed myself to stay in that creative funk I wrote about -- not really creating, but I have been doing a log of yard work. I guess I'd better get busy taking some shots of that (which do NOT include the bottle tree... ahem) and get them posted, eh? I have planted two blush Knockout roses, some hostas (Love Pat, Guacamole, Glacial Lake, Silver Bay, Paul's Glory, Earth Angel - and a bonus from the seller Rainforest Sunrise).

I also have a HUGE bunch of daylilies to plant thanks to a very generous local nursery (Funderburk's Daylilies) -- when I ordered 6 plants, I was thinking 6 plants. They mean 6 clumps -- and each clump has multiple plants. FANTASTIC, healthy-looking plants. Have to get to those tomorrow.

Right now, the only thing I have on my computer is this one of the front porch (and front door to the right) showing my metal wall planter thingy with the new greenery I have in it. I put it up last fall & had live mums in there, then fake poinsettias & holly for Christmas, but nothing since then. It looked all sad & lonely, but I didn't know exactly what I wanted in there. Luckily, I was on a buying trip for the store last week & found these great faux plants. I don't know what the trailing thing is, but the others are cycads (like a primitive fern) and I thought they looked good.

Now, here's my little secret. Nothing in there is secured... I just tuck & pull & put some through the bars, and let them camouflage themselves. I do the same thing when I make wreaths. I never glue anything in. Just tuck & twist & use the wires in the flowers themselves to secure them. That way I can change out wreaths with a minimum of trouble! Shhhhhhhh, it's a secret! :)